graphicTraversing through the center of Putnam County is Interstate 64 and the Kanawha River, a major barge waterway, which joins the Ohio River. A $22 million upgrade to the Winfield Locks & Dam were completed in 1998 which allows over 22,000 lockages annually. Two rail service providers move through the heart of Putnam County providing access to prime industrial land on the north and south Side of the Kanawha River. Low cost, reliable energy delivery is another key component of our expanding business and industry.

Putnam County has access to two airports within a 30-minute drive; Tri-State Airport in Huntington and the Yeager Airport in Charleston, which has a "port of entry" status. A proposed regional airport is only seven miles from the Putnam County line . Recently, Toyota Motor Manufacturing expanded their engine and transmission plants which boosts their total employees to 800. A new bridge across the Kanawha River at Buffalo, has helped open the northern end of the county to more housing and industrial sites.


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