graphicImpressive ranch home. Grand Victorian. Traditional home. Townhouse. Lake view home. Country living. New construction. Condominiums.

Residents and newcomers have a variety of homes to choose from at reasonable prices. Choices include single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and rental property. There also is land available for new construction.graphic

Many of the homes near town are older and of historic value. A number of houses were built with brownstone from nearby quarries. Typically condominiums and rentals are located here as well. The streets are welcoming. During warmer seasons, flowers at all entrances to the city and on historic Main Street can be seen. In the winter months pines add to the neighborhood scenery.

Other homes are closer to Lake Superior. Here is some of the most desirable property. People can live in the midst of breathtaking beauty, while enjoying all the amenities that Ashland has to offer. graphic

Farther out in the country are traditional-style, ranch and multi-level homes and multiple farm homes. Some land also is still available.

But Ashland is more than where houses are built-it is where homes are made. Residents here find themselves with not only a good investment, but also a place where they feel happy and secure.



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