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Beaver Dam lays claim to every home type from 19th Century rural farm houses and urban Victorian homes, to modern suburban two-story homes found in outlying subdivisions. This range of homes allows every buyer to select the home and neighborhood of their choice.


Large Victorian homes, Cape Cods, and bungalows make up the historic downtown area and ranches and split-level dwellings make up the neighborhoods fanning out from downtown. Beautiful, year-round, one and two-story lake homes line the city’s shore along Beaver Dam Lake. Tasteful family and senior apartment complexes are intermixed with one-family and multifamily developments throughout the city. Condominiums and several assisted-living facilities are also available to serve those needs as well. Suburban subdivisions surrounding Beaver Dam reflect the same diversity in modern housing found anywhere in the nation, with comparable price ranges. Apartment options are plentiful and are found in every neighborhood of the city.

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