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Cudahy, St. Francis and South Milwaukee “Have It!”


Infrastructure in South Milwaukee, St. Francis and Cudahy consists of the individual city governments and civic departments for law enforcement, fire and safety, streets and sanitation, etc. Citizens are encouraged to participate in their local governance via committees, boards and citizen groups addressing a wide range of matters. Open elections are held regularly for official positions such as aldermen and mayors, and many volunteer opportunities exist. Active citizen involvement is available at many levels of service.

Businesses of all types have made this tri-city area their home. Everything from heavy equipment to high technology, aerospace, food manufacturing, machinery, design, financial services, transport and so many others have enjoyed success both locally and internationally and have provided employment opportunities to the area.


Ongoing work by the local Chamber and Associations of Commerce have successfully attracted and retained many businesses in the area. Industrial parks and land development continue to provide affordable opportunities for your business to grow.

Education choices abound in this tri-city area. From public, private and parochial administrations in all levels including preschool to high school, quality education with a high level of parental participation is a priority. Also available is a wide range of post-high school and adult education opportunities. There are local clubs, organizations, and technical and satellite campuses for adults and seniors offering many areas of study and growth.

Health Services are readily accessible to citizens of Cudahy, South Milwaukee and St. Francis. A variety of major health groups operate full-service hospital facilities along with several associate clinics and health professional groups providing quality services for families and a strong support effort targeted to our senior population.


Worship in Cudahy, St. Francis and South Milwaukee has long been a steady source of strong community bonds. Several religious organizations maintain roots that trace back to the 1800s. Regular services bring our neighbors together while many additional community and social benefits are provided by these organizations and area outreach groups.

Activities of many types are available in St. Francis, South Milwaukee and Cudahy. Sports, dining, entertainment and local parks are just some of the favorite amenities that these areas provide.

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