graphicDeForest Area Top 10 List

10. 4th of July Festival
9. Peace & Quiet
8. Environment - Open Spaces, Clean, Good Water
7. Close to Everything
6. Safe, Great Police & Fire Department
5. Parks & Recreation Facilities
4. Great Restaurants & Businesses
3. Youth Activities
2. Schools
1. Friendly, Neighborly, Nice People

The DeForest Area Top Ten List was compiled in May 2000 after the DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce approached the community’s best and brightest, its fourth through eighth graders, and asked them what they most liked about living in the DeForest-Windsor Area. The clear picture they, our future leaders, have provided makes us proud of what we have accomplished and excited for what is yet to come.

graphicFormed more than 30 years ago, the DeForest Area Chamber, with a membership numbering more than 100, promotes the positive economic and community development in the Village of DeForest and nearby towns of Windsor, Burke, Leeds, and Vienna. More information on the DeForest/Windsor Area and the DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce can be found on our website at

Located 10 minutes north of Madison, DeForest and its Dane County neighbors are experiencing continual residential and business growth-making Dane County one of the fastest growing regions in Southern Wisconsin. Rich farmland and rolling hills combine for a pastoral landscape that draws residents looking for a distinctive place to call home. Proximity to the state capitol, major state and interstate highways, freight lines, and a full-service airport attracts major industries to Dane County. Offering top-rated schools, unparalleled natural beauty, economic opportunities, and business incentives, the DeForest/Windsor area has much to offer both families and businesses.

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