graphicDelavan’s health care needs are a priority for all. Dean Medical Clinic is located in the City of Delavan, where physicians and specialists in fields ranging from internal medicine to surgery, give patients the best service possible. Delavan also has many dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrists, and optical services. Willowfield Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center is a licensed nursing home with its own specialized staff, and Aurora Health Care Clinic in Delavan provides excellent services as well.

At Lakeland Medical Center in Elkhorn - about seven miles from Delavan- a staff of highly dedicated professionals awaits with the finest care around. Walworth County Human Services offers top-flight mental health services at its facility adjacent to the hospital. Mercy Walworth Medical Center in Williams Bay, about six miles from Delavan, also has a superb facility.



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graphicA Mayor and six Aldermen, two from each of three districts, comprise the Common Council that governs the city of Delavan. A full-time City Administrator carries out Council policies while supervising daily affairs. A staff of full and part-time employees plus nearly 100 volunteers, who serve on various boards and commissions, maintain city operations.

Delavan’s government and business offices, the Police Department, the Common Council Chambers, Municipal Court, and several public meeting rooms, are all found at the Delavan Municipal building, 123 So. Second St. City officials can be reached at 728-5585.

Town Government

A town Chairman and 4 Supervisors elected at large governs the Town of Delavan. The Police and Fire Commission has 5 appointed volunteers as does the Planning Commission. Town offices are located at 2371 Town Hall Rd. just off Hwy. 50. The phone number for Town offices is 728 3471.

Fire Department

A professionally-trained, volunteer fire department responds quickly to any fire emergency. The City of Delavan Fire Department is equipped with some of the latest fire-fighting apparatus. The city is rated Class 3 for fire insurance purposes. The Fire Department is located in the Brad Liddle Safety Building, 230 So. 7th St. The non-emergency number is 728-5646.
The City of Delavan Fire Department has 4 fire stations. The Fire Chief may be reached at 2202 Town Hall Rd.


A professional full-time police department consists of 18 full-time and nine part-time personnel and provides 24 hour dispatching for all City of Delavan departments, including the Delavan Rescue Squad, Inc., as well as 24 hour dispatching for our citizens. Delavan has two 911 emergency Response Lines.

The non-emergency number is 728-6311.

The Town of Delavan Police Department consists of 16 full-time employees. Also, 15 part-time officers assist everyone in the Township area. The Town is connected to the City and County’s 911 system and provides dispatching and relay services. The non-emergency number is 728-8787.

Rescue Squad

The City of Delavan Rescue Squad, Inc. is a volunteer organization working in close cooperation with the Police Department, to respond to any emergency at a moment’s notice. Most rescue squad members are certified emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) and all have had advanced Red Cross training. The rescue squad is headquartered in the Brad Liddle Safety Building, 651 Ann St. The non-emergency number is 728-6311. The Town of Delavan Rescue Squad, served by 12 paramedics and 15 EMT's, responds quickly to emergencies with 24 hour paramedic service.


Delavan city services are the best in the county. Five wells and two storage tanks with a reserve supply of 800,000 gallons provide ample water supply. The city maintains the sewage collection system and a recycling center for glass, plastics, aluminum, tin, and waste oil. Call the city offices at 728-5585 for all current information.


The Wisconsin Power and Light Company supplies low-cost, reliable electric service.

Ameritech (Wisconsin Bell) provides telephone service and Wisconsin Electric Power Company provides natural gas service for both home and industrial use. Call the chamber office at 728-5095 for current information.

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The spires that rise to the heavens above the 17 Protestant and one Catholic Church in Delavan bear witness to the community’s strong religious tradition. Nowhere is this more evident than in the committed faith leadership whose messages of togetherness and fellowship unite neighbors from all walks of life. A complete listing of area churches is available from the Chamber of Commerce.

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Delavan has many active participants in civic, political and community service groups. Service clubs include: Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, American Legion, Chamber of Commerce, Masonic Bodies, Knights of Columbus, Elks, and Junior Women’s Club.

A Clown Alley sparks interest in the history of the nation’s 19th century "Circus Capital."

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