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Community Overview

Nestled on Milwaukee’s northwest side is the charming community of Germantown. The area offers a pleasing, small-town character enhanced by all the modern amenities of a first class suburb. Germantown residents take advantage of exceptional schools, modern healthcare providers, attractive real estate, well-maintained parks and facilities as well as a fantastic medley of unique shops and local restaurants. And while the village and its surrounding area has worked hard to provide its residential base with the finest in big-city conveniences, it has equally worked hard to maintain its rich German heritage and beautiful traditional fachwerk architecture.

The village of Germantown is recognized as Washington County’s oldest settled town, having enticed a great number of German settlers back in the 1840s. The area served as a crossroads of sorts, with travelers coming through to reach locations to the north and south. As a result of this traffic and the settlement’s ideal locale near Milwaukee, many businesses established residence here in order to accommodate the needs of the many passersby.

Community Overview

The Germantown area continued to develop with the welcoming of two major railroads and the discovery of limestone formations. As Germantown’s economic vitality boomed, its population steadily increased. Today, the village of Germantown is a solid community of just under 20,000, with the surrounding communities comprising Washington County totaling nearly 132,000 people.

The Germantown area has seen incredible growth, both residentially and economically, over the last 10-plus years. Its location on Milwaukee’s northwest side appeals to suburban lifestyles, while its friendly demeanor and preservation of natural green space and outdoor recreational areas appeal to a more rural way of living. The area continues to be an attractive place for single professionals, retirees and families alike, earning spots on Money magazine’s list of “Great American Towns; Best Places to Live” in 2007, 20009 and 2011 and, most recently, garnering recognition as one of Family Circle magazine’s “Ten Best Towns for Families” in 2011.

Whether you live here, commute from out of town or are just visiting, the Germantown area welcomes all to come experience its unique way of life—Willkommen!

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