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Mauston School District

The Mission of Mauston Schools: in partnership with families and community, is to be the school district of choice that is committed to educating students to set goals, think critically, act responsibly, and work cooperatively to become successful citizens.

The School District of Mauston encompasses 324 square miles in the heart of the Lemonweir Valley, offering an excellent comprehensive public education for students ages four through high school. The Mauston Board of Education believes that a strong public education is the most certain means of developing an informed community. Public schools are the bedrock of healthy, engaged communities. Mauston Schools makes a bold promise to build a quality foundation of learning in the community so that our young people can be instrumental in creating a promising future.

Mauston Schools know that the children, youth, and citizens of the community deserve no less than our best efforts at supporting our students’ highest levels of academic and personal achievement. Mauston Schools have high quality teachers, support staff, and school principals who have high expectations for all students.

Mauston has five schools that are dedicated to student centered excellence. Every level of the organization is a part of championing a quality educational experience that maximizes each student’s potential for success. Every individual in the organization has a united purpose to help students reach their highest levels of attainment. Teachers, support staff, parents, students, and the community play a significant and important role in a collective partnership to serve our students. This collective support is evidenced in school hallways, athletic fields, classrooms, and at community events. All adults are positive ambassadors for the students and the schools in the School District of Mauston.

Students in the Mauston Schools experience a high quality and coherent instructional program in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each school has a school improvement plan that defines its goals and priorities as a school. Teachers, administrators, and support staff are evaluated on an annual basis to ensure that each staff member is growing professionally and that their work is aligned with District and school defined priorities.

In addition to strong teaching and learning for student success in college, career, and life, students at all schools also participate in instrumental and vocal music, adaptive and general physical education, visual arts, integrated technology, and library and media instruction. At the secondary schools students have the opportunity to study these specific interests in more depth through clubs, co-curricular, and other academic and non-academic activities.

Classrooms at all grade levels are equipped with SmartBoard technology and multiple laptop and one-to-one technologies. Teachers are actively engaged in integrated technology instruction through the use of SmartBoard Assessment Responders and Document Cameras.

A variety of instructional support programs are in place to assist students in their learning. Programs include family and community engagement resources, Parent and Teacher Organizations, English Learners, Special Education and school counseling at all grade levels.

708 Loomis Ave. • Mauston, WI 53948
(608) 847-5616

510 Grayside Ave. • Mauston, WI 53948
(608) 847-5616

201 Hoehn Dr. • Lyndon Station, WI 53944
(608) 666-2431

508 Grayside Ave. • Mauston, WI 53948
(608) 847-6603

800 Grayside Ave. • Mauston, WI 53948
(608) 847-4410

800 Grayside Ave. • Mauston, WI 53948
(608) 847-4410


The Hatch Public Library was made possible by generous contributions of both time and money from many citizens in our community. Notably, Bill and Jean Hatch stepped forward to make a $1 million pledge toward the building of our new library in memory of their grandaughter, Deena Hatch, motivating the community to make the dream a reality.

The Hatch Public Library provides free materials and services to help area residents meet their personal, educational, professional and recreational needs. In addition, we offer magazines, audio books, music CD’s and DVD’s. The Library also has a state-of-the-art computer lab with 16 internet computers and free Wi-Fi access. The Hatch Public Library subscribes to more than 100 magazines, receives 4 daily newspapers and offers preschool story times.

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