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Pewaukee is a town that has literally been built from the ground up. Before settlers even stepped foot on the land, Pee-wauk-kee-win-ick, or Sakaegan as respective tribes called it, Native Americans lived on the land, hunting and gathering uninterrupted. Sometimes a “white man” would show up to trade but it wasn’t until 1837 when Deacon Asa Clark arrived to build a mill, at what is now known as Pewaukee Lake.

Forty years after that first settler created a business and a home on the lake, the growing community decided to take procedures to be officially classified as an unincorporated village.

Nine interested community citizens, whose efforts had helped advance the community’s growth and prosperity, made the application. On April 3, 1876, Judge David Small of the Circuit Court of Waukesha County granted the application and the village of Pewaukee, a shortened name from the previous Indian residents, was born with a population of 578.

In 1893, The Colombian Exposition in Chicago provided marvels of the future, like electricity. With so much innovation and excitement close to Pewaukee it started to work its way up to the village, creating the Pewaukee-Sussex Telephone Company. The company shares were sold for $15 each and soon every business and home could own one.

The 1900s brought on a slew of changes, from the growing school district to World War II the town grew and grew, but still retained its historical charm. Today, 137 years later, Pewaukee remembers those who have created this town and those that live in it today.

Pewaukee is a place like very few others. Words such as unique, historic and quaint have been used to describe this area. Pewaukee has a great sense of community pride, throughout residents as well as the business community. Different events, a lake, shopping and dining make Pewaukee a great place to relax and a great home for any business.

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