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The South Milwaukee Association of Commerce is pleased to bring you this map. We would like to thank the businesses which made this map possible through their advertisements and encourage you to consider their products and services when shopping.

City Government


South Milwaukee has been incorporated as a City of the 4th Class since 1897. It is organized under a mayor-council form of government. City government consists of the following departments: administration, assessment, clerk’s office, engineering, fire, health, inspection, library, municipal justice, police, senior center, street, treasurer, wastewater and water. Many of these departments have official boards and commissions who are responsible for policy-making decisions.

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South Milwaukee has a population of 21,363. It is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. South Milwaukee has a unique makeup of recreational and educational facilities including the South Milwaukee Yacht Club, which was incorporated in 1950, and houses a fleet of over 85 boats. The South Milwaukee Historical Society, founded in 1972, has a museum with numerous artifacts contributed by local families to preserve the history and ethnic culture beginning in 1838.

South Milwaukee residents are dedicated to the city’s proud past and promising future through their contribution of time and effort. South Milwaukee shows its pride and recognizes its long and prestigious history during the Heritage Days, which is held annually in late July. The week long celebration includes a parade, spaghetti dinner at the Fire Station, trolley tours, Lionfest and sidewalk sales.

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South Milwaukee is located along the shores of Lake Michigan just 10 miles south of downtown Milwaukee and 90 miles north of Chicago. The community lies four miles east of Interstate Highway I-94 and is accessible via the Rawson and College Avenue freeway exits. In late 1999, the Lake Parkway will be completed to connect South Milwaukee to downtown Milwaukee via the Hoan Bridge. The City is located three miles from General Billy Mitchell International Airport. The community is served by the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.

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City Government, the Association of Commerce, and the newly created Promising Future S.M. Committee for the Economic Development of South Milwaukee, are working together to improve the quality of life for the citizens and businesses in South Milwaukee. Redevelopment and revitalization are the ongoing focus of these agencies.

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South Milwaukee offers an array of single and multi-family homes, condominiums and apartments which to choose from. Easy access to Milwaukee and Chicago make South Milwaukee an excellent choice for people to live. In addition the community has income based housing for the elderly, and housing for low-income individuals.

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The largest and most well known is Bucyrus International, Inc. (Formerly Bucyrus-Erie Company). The company started operations in South Milwaukee in 1893. Its cranes, drag lines, and earth-moving equipment came into prominence in building the Panama Canal between 1904-1907.

Another major contributor to the City’s industrial base is Cooper Power Systems originally known as Kyle Corporation, founded in 1939. The company developed a recloser which is an automatic circuit breaker used in high-tension distribution systems. The company also manufactures high-voltage switches, sectionalizers and electronic controls.

The Appleton Electric Company manufactures electrical equipment and lighting. Its foundry division, which produces electrical fittings, has been located in South Milwaukee since 1927.

Luetzow Industries manufactures plastic garbage bags. The bags are marked through governmental units, which resell them to residents.

Midwest Tanning Company, founded in 1936, is the sole reminder of the city’s once-prominent position in the leather-tanning industry.

Everbrite Electric Sign Company, founded in 1927, makes indoor and outdoor electric signs and displays for McDonalds restaurants, the major breweries, and other businesses.

Badger Fitness Equipment Company makes weight training, fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

Besides the industries, South Milwaukee supports many smaller businesses which provide goods and services to residents.

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South Milwaukee has a variety of retail stores and services located within the city limits. There are five shopping areas in the community.

The city’s main street, Milwaukee Avenue, and side streets that make up the downtown area, includes bakeries, clothing, cycle and ski equipment, sporting goods, trophies and photography stores. Other businesses represented are a beauty salon, barbershop, tailor shops, realtor, carpeting, insurance, tax service, florist, liquor, automotive, locksmith, printing, dry cleaning, restaurants, specialty shops, gift shop, jewelry stores, gas stations and banks.

Sunrise Shopping Center includes a hardware store, restaurant, two banks, a pharmacy and a carpet furniture store.

Grant Park Plaza features a bank, food store and sub, pizza and Chinese restaurants. The Plaza also has a drug store, travel agency and a card/gift shop.

Marquette Plaza has a restaurant, beauty salon, gymnastics academy, realtor and automotive store.

The North Chicago shopping area contains restaurants, car repair shops, bowling alley, insurance offices and other specialty stores.

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