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A Thriving Environment

West Bend Chamber

The commercial sector of West Bend and the surrounding area is comprised of a variety of businesses. Headquartered in the local economy are Serigraph, Regal Ware, Gehl Company, and West Bend Mutual Insurance Company, which combine to employ over 3,000 in the printing, manufacturing, and insurance industry. Other companies with local headquarters include Universal Strap, Weasler Engineering, and Metalcraft. The variety of businesses and industries in the local economy provide a sound and balanced job base for area residents.

Retail and service companies in West Bend have grown to serve the expanding residential market in West Bend and Washington County. The job base in the service and retail sector is made available through financial institutions, national chains, and independent business owners.

Downtown West Bend is a thriving commercial sector in itself. A collection of independent and national stores, restaurants, and service providers create a vibrant commercial environment that continually attracts visitors. Property is available for office, residential, and restaurant use.

The Downtown West Bend Association is a non-profit organization that organizes the different service, retail and other businesses located in downtown West Bend. The Association works to maintain an economically strong, safe, attractive, and exciting downtown. Revitalization efforts are in progress as part of the Wisconsin Main Street Program in order to further strengthen existing businesses, expand economic development, improve esthetics, and increase public participation.


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