Laramie, WY Chamber


Every place in the world has its own quality of life, the characteristics which make it unique. Laramie is distinguished by its variety. The influence of the University of Wyoming, the state’s only four-year institution of higher education, is widespread. Faculty talents and tastes enrich the local milieu. The arts departments add recitals and dramatic works to the array of entertainment choices, and Cowboy sports (Mountain West Athletic Conference) create really good outlets for screaming and yelling!

The university also has an impact on the local business environment, providing a well-educated labor force, and businesses that have spun off from university-related research projects. Two more secondary education providers – Laramie County Community College’s Albany County Campus and WyoTech, a highly regarded automotive vocational school attracting students from all over the country, enhance this effect.

A charming downtown area, featuring many buildings that have been lovingly restored to frontier glory – many with highly imaginative paint jobs, highlights the urban environment. The restaurants are equally creative in their offerings. You will also recognize the national brands of chain stores and familiar franchises found across the country.

It is common to see people wearing Wranglers and cowboy hats having a conversation over breakfast brew at the local coffee shop with folks dressed in business suits and comfortable outdoor wear.

Some of the most remarkable characteristics of Laramie, however, don’t come into play until you leave the city limits. The Snowy Range Mountains to the west shelter a downhill ski area, 80 mountain lakes and innumerable ice-cold mountain streams. There is also a lot of room for snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, camping and all other manner of mountain delights.

If you’d like to get acquainted with the main features of the landscape, start with the three scenic loop tours of Laramie. Once you’ve done all three, you’ll have soaked in a natural mineral hot spring, learned about the area’s gold mining past, seen pioneer trail ruts from the Overland Trail, admired the nation’s largest bronze bust of President Lincoln and pondered a ghost town.

In fall, the dramatic contrast of brooding evergreens and flaming aspens in the mountains will take your breath away. Of course, the abundant wildlife tugs at big game hunters, but the scenery has its own powerful charms.

Laramie and Albany County is a wonderful place to try out all sorts of different activities in any season of the year. It is easy to see that friendly, affordable and safe Laramie is a fantastic place to raise a family.

Crime rates are very low, housing is reasonably priced, and faith-based communities and civic organizations (natural places to make new friends) are abundant.


Laramie, WY Chamber

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