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Laramie has jobs appropriate to every stage of a worker’s career – with a well-qualified workforce that seeks challenges. Add a robust transportation and communication infrastructure, a highly favorable tax climate and accessible government, and you have Laramie’s economy – strong and stable.

Laramie is a thriving city of industry. The railroad, a large cement plant and robust construction enterprises are vital components of Laramie’s economy.

In addition, Laramie’s Rocky Mountain lifestyle has attracted many entrepreneurs to the area, making Laramie a growing community on the cutting edge of industrial and technological development.

If you are launching a new business or looking for an expansion site, Laramie’s economic development officials are capable and eager to help. Local and state resources support existing and incoming businesses. The University of Wyoming has experienced strong growth in its grant, attracting success over the last 20 years. The Wyoming Techology Business Center at the University of Wyoming is a new 30,000 sq. ft. business incubator that provides space, access to shared services, and business and management advice to early stage high-growth companies. The facilities include office space, lab space and a high speed, fully redundant data center. When the Center opened in late summer 2006, it had nine client companies including ADA Wyoming, Firehole Technologies, Inc., Haappy Jack Software, Medicine Bow Technologies, Thought Equitry and WindRider Technology, Inc.

Residents value the simplicity of life in Laramie and appreciate the merits of hard work. The values learned as children carry through into professional lives. Whether our young people are helping out on the family ranch, mowing neighbors’ lawns or operating a lemonade stand in the front yard, hard work and its rewards are learned at a young age.

As adults, Laramie residents work side-by-side, respecting one another for giving an honest day’s work – no matter what kind of work that might be.


Laramie, WY Chamber

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