Homewood, AL

Everyone agrees that Homewood, Alabama is truly a community that "Has it All."

Truly unique and diverse, quietly nestled just south of Birmingham, Alabama, Homewood prides itself in its ability to seamlessly blend southern hospitality with modern progress and economic development. It offers the best in quiet, simple living, while also serving as bustling hometown to a variety of businesses. Among the many employers who have taken advantage of Homewood's generous hospitality are Southern Progress, publishers of Southern Living, Southern Accents, Cooking Lite and Progressive Farmer magazines; leading manufacturers and distributors Buffalo Rock/Pepsi Cola and Barber's Dairy. Some of the most highly respected names in wellness care also reside here in Homewood: Brookwood Hospital and the Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital. Prestigious educational facilities at Samford university, the Herzing Institute, Virginia College, and the Career Learning Center, are here to meet the educational challenges faced by today's and tomorrow's students. These are but a few of the major players who take pride in making Homewood their hometown.

The Homewood Chamber of Commerce provides strength and leadership for both businesses and residents in this city of 24,000. The Chamber serves to educate newcomers and visitors year-round. The Chamber is proud of Homewood's heritage and it shows. Executive Director Scott Moreland welcomes new businesses and residents to the city with open arms and unsurpassed 'red carpet' treatment, making Homewood the ideal place to experience authentic Southern Hospitality.

The same hospitality extends throughout the community, especially in the city's 58 restaurants where culinary delights of every type, from down-home Southern dishes to exotic delicacies from around the world, find their way to the plates of satisfied diners. The city also has a rapidly expanding hospitality industry that features a growing number of first-rate hotels. Each is sure to accommodate the special needs of travelers and visitors who should not miss a memorable tour along picturesque Lakeshore Drive. Off of I-65 are also a variety of hotels. Eateries and shops, conveniently located to serve travelers' needs.

photoEducation has always been a top priority in Homewood. The elementary schools are consistently recognized for their excellence and have won National Blue Ribbon awards for education. As recently as 1996, Money Week magazine recognized Homewood's first-rate public education system. There are several private schools and many daycare facilities. Private Samford University, located on a scenic Williamsburg-style campus, is ranked among the nation's top universities.

Homewood's cultural life is rich and varied. The city has a first-rate public library and places a high priority on fine arts education and programs. The Homewood School of Ballet, which also includes Scottish Country Dance and the Children's Dance Foundation, allow students young and old to experience the joy and beauty of dance. The Alabama Junior Qualifying Tennis Tournaments comes to the West Homewood Parks for the first time in 30 years.

photoThe Spires of many churches, representing every denomination, reach to the heavens above. Homewood's faith community and citizens enjoy a relaxed, "Mayberryesque" atmosphere focused around togetherness, faith and progress.

photoAvid shoppers need no farther than Homewood to satisfy their every need. A centralized shopping district along the 18th Street Plaza features many exclusive stores and retail venues. Located near the Red Mountain Expressway are many fine art galleries to suit those with more discriminating tastes, while Murieield Village and Merchant's Walk are shopping havens with treasures just waiting to be discovered. A relaxed, Casual day of quaint sidewalk dining and leisurely window shopping awaits in Oxmoor, through the Edgewood area. "We Love Homewood Day" ends in a street dance celebrated at Edgewood every year as well. Green Springs offers even more shopping adventure and restaurants while the inviting West Oxmoor are is hard to resist. Brookwood Mall, on the city's south side, is a fully enclosed shopping center on one end of Lakeshore Drive. On the other end is Homewood's newest retail area, Wildwood, which offers several outlet stores, retailers, and full service restaurants.

photoHomewood is a town rich in tradition, pride and Southern hospitalities, yet highly focused with a commitment to ensuring future success and progress for all of its citizens. Stop by for a visit and you'll see why there is no better place to call home than Homewood, Alabama.

For more information about the Homewood area, specific locations or businesses, call or visit The Homewood Chamber of Commerce at (205) 871-5631.


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