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Expanding from its origins as a 12-bed medical center, North Baldwin Infirmary now sits as the center of healthcare services in North Baldwin County. The 70-bed hospital is well equipped to handle everything from general procedures to emergency situations. As part of Infirmary Health, it employs experienced healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional care and a qualified, talented medical staff supporting the hospital.

The state-of-the-art Diagnostic and Imaging Center puts patients at ease while providing high-quality examinations. Patients at North Baldwin Infirmary are no longer wary of MRIs. With a revolutionary open-bore design, the MRI eliminates feelings of claustrophobia. Digital mammography allows for a higher resolution image that results in more accurate diagnoses. The 3D-CT produces a three-dimensional image of internal organs that provide physicians with a comprehensive picture. The 16-slice CT scanner offers an in-depth look into the body. With the picture archiving and communication system, a patient’s diagnostic images are immediately available for viewing by their physician.

In the 13-bed emergency department, patients receive accurate and rapid diagnoses. A team of highly trained physicians and nurses are available 24 hours a day to respond and treat emergencies ranging from minor injuries and illnesses to cardiac events. Three cardiac exam rooms are set up to monitor potential heart attack patients and ensure prompt intervention.

North Baldwin Infirmary’s advanced surgical department includes preoperative and postoperative care areas and two GI rooms for endoscopies and colonoscopies. In some cases, patients are able to experience the convenience of an outpatient surgery.

The state-of-the-art Birth Center at North Baldwin Infirmary takes new mothers from prenatal to post-birth. Childbirth classes provide information about pregnancy, labor, newborn care, CPR and safety. The Birth Center offers a home-like environment to make families feel more comfortable during the birth process. A technically advanced infant security system is also in place. The full-service labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) suites—among the largest in the region—allow mother and baby to remain in the same room throughout their stay.

North Baldwin Infirmary also provides a fitness center, rehabilitation services, a senior behavioral health program and a skilled nursing facility, Oakwood—North Baldwin’s Center for Living.

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