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By Joe Blanton, Town Manager/Planning & Development Director

Buckeye today is a small rural community whose agricultural life began over a hundred years ago. Founded in 1888, Buckeye prides itself on quality lifestyle and family oriented environment. Strategically located 30 minutes west of Phoenix along Interstate 10, Buckeye is served by a network of roadways, railways, and an unencumbered 750-acre municipal airport.

Buckeye has a balanced economy and employment base. Leading employers include Wal-Mart (bulk storage and packaging), Schult Homes (manufactured housing) and the APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. Agriculture is still a predominant and valued employer.

Buckeye is drawing major housing developers with plans for gated communities, challenging desert golf courses and luxury homes. Developers are being drawn to Buckeye because of the available land (nearly 500 square miles of planning area), scenic vistas of several nearby mountains, and an abundant source of water.

Buckeye has recently approved or is in the process of approving more than 160,000 single-family lots; a staggering number by any standard but unfathomable for a town of fewer than 7,000 people. "Better, not just bigger" summarizes Buckeye’s intent for preparedness planning. Buckeye’s rural heritage is as fundamental to the future as it is today.

Buckeye Tomorrow

Although Buckeye is getting ready for growth, we still will always be considered a close-knit community. All of the surrounding towns, including Buckeye, have one thing in common...all are being planned around transportation. There are 31 subdivisions in the planning stages with over 160,000 single-family homes being built over the next 30 years.

Industries are starting to find their way to Buckeye, with such amenities as wide open spaces for large businesses and industry. Buckeye already has Wal-Mart Distribution Center, which just recently expanded their building, and now employs over 625 employees and are still hiring. Quincy Joist, one of the nation’s leading steel manufacturers of open web steel joists, longspans and girders, recently opened with more than 100 employees and they too are still hiring. Dallas Pillow Company, Inc., opened their operations September, 1999 and employ 30 people.

Golden Eagle Distributors recently broke ground on their new facility which will be 15,000 square feet of refrigerated space and 8,700 square feet of administrative space. They are planning a May 2001 grand opening.


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