Adelanto History


Adelanto was founded in 1915 by inventor E.H. Richardson with the money he received from the sale of a patent that was developed as the Hotpoint Electric Iron. Using $75,000 of his earnings, Richardson purchased land, and promoted the area and its clean, dry air to World War I veterans suffering from respiratory difficulties. He saw Adelanto as the first step in creating a network of communities. However, the Great Depression and the collapse of the fresh fruit industry that powered the economics of the area changed the course of Adelanto’s growth.

Nearly 30 years after its founding, Adelanto was again shaped by a war. The Second World War altered the community’s fortunes forever with the construction of the Victorville Army Air Field (later named George Air Force Base in honor of the late Brigadier General Harold H. George). The base brought traffic and new residents to the area, providing a needed boost to the economy.

The economic boost attracted additional industrial growth, and the poultry industry became the second significant factor in Adelanto’s success. Ranches sprang up throughout the area, and the community earned a reputation as an exceptional poultry producer.

Adelanto maintained its status as a community services district until its incorporation in 1970. Today, Adelanto consists of approximately 63 square miles.

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