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West Palm Beach Business and Industry

Palm Beach County supports a strong and powerful commerce sector. With a collection of Fortune 500 Companies as well as small to mid-sized businesses, the region has a thriving market base.


Part of the success of the region can be attributed to the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches. Through its many targeted programs and services, the Chamber provides local businesses with unlimited opportunities to promote economic development.

A number of financial advantages and incentives are offered in the area. Florida has no state income tax and a low corporate tax structure. With a strong labor force, access to convenient transportation options, and continuous development in the area, businesses are prime for progress and prosperity.

Top businesses/industries in the area include:
• Medical/Pharmaceutical/Healthcare
• Aerospace and Engineering
• Communications and Information Technology
• Business, Financial and Headquarters Services
• Agribusiness (sugar cane and sweet corn)
• Tourism/Recreation/Entertainment

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