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The Channahon-Minooka area is distinguished by such treasured features as a progressive attitude toward development, strong community dynamism, abundant opportunities for recreational activities and top-rated educational offerings. The tight-knit, hometown feel of this area has been successfully fused with modern and expanding conveniences, making the villages of Channahon and Minooka ideal for both family living and economic ventures. Easy access to exceptional medical care, high quality housing, an array of retailers and business developments, plus its locale within proximity to Chicago, all ensure that residents are linked with all the foundations for a high standard of living.

Village of Channahon

Located at the confluence of the DuPage, Des Plaines and Kankakee rivers, together forming the Illinois River, Channahon initially attracted its first non-native settlers back in the 1830s. The village name, derived from a Pottawatomi word meaning “meeting of the waters,” accurately reflects its location. The Village of Channahon was incorporated in 1961 and now boasts a quickly growing population of more than 12,000.

Village of Minooka

Minooka’s rich history has its ties with the coming of the railroad. With his purchase of 500 acres along the suggested route of the Rock Island Railroad, rail surveyor Randall Gardner successfully founded the village in 1852. The community’s moniker was derived from the Pottawatomi word for “good land,” which appropriately describes the area. The Village of Minooka was incorporated on March 27, 1869 and currently encompasses an expanding population of around 8,000.

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