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Letter From the Mayor

On behalf of City Clerk Lori Wilcox, City Treasurer James Dee and our Chicago Heights City Council, it is with great pride that I extend a heartfelt “Welcome!” and hope our city’s Town Square Publications booklet will help serve as a guided tour through our community.

Chicago Heights has always been known for being a hard-working, industrial and manufacturing town and our mission is to keep honoring our past heritage while moving forward to create new opportunities. Our city is proud of the good working relationships we have with our citizens, businesses, service organizations, neighboring communities and state, county and township elected officials.


Positive results are evident when we see improvements in our streets, roads and bridges; better schools; environmental technology; more affordable housing and housing options for our senior residents, with the assistance of Programs and Awards, such as:

• The F.I.N.D. Program (Financial Incentives for Neighborhood Development)-a $1.6 Million Grant via Cook County and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program earmarked for the city’s East Side Redevelopment

• A $1 Million Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources earmarked for the Old Plank Trail

• A $280,000 Grant from U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. earmarked for Storm Water Improvements

Additionally, our continuing goal is to maintain essential city services — such as our full-time Police and Fire Departments — while remaining fiscally responsible. Positive change does not happen overnight, but it does happen through hard work, dedicated planning and an economic-development friendly atmosphere, which we already have in place, to support our vision for a better, stronger future. There is still much to do, but cooperation among residents, businesses and government has never been greater. This “teamwork” shows and you can see it in the pages that follow. I want to thank the many local businesses and organizations who continue to show their support of Chicago Heights and I encourage you to support them, as well.

Once again, on behalf of Clerk Wilcox, Treasurer Dee and our City Council, I welcome you to learn more about Chicago Heights as we continue to Move Forward.

David A. Gonzalez
Mayor, City of Chicago Heights, IL

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