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Countryside Introduction

April 28, 2010 marks the City of Countryside’s 50th anniversary, an exciting milestone for this small, yet gradually growing, suburban community.

This year provides both long-time residents and new additions to the City the chance to step back and look at how far Countryside has come since its original establishment in the 1830s and its incorporation five decades ago. It also presents an opportunity to look to the future, with the creation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan: Vision for 2024.

The following pages depict the storied past of Countryside, beginning in the early 1800s and traveling through the decades to the current day. Readers are invited to immerse themselves in the history of the area’s overall development, its schools, the creation and growth of City government and many other aspects that define Countryside, past, present and future.

This publication would not be possible without the help of several active, long-standing citizens of Countryside, who eagerly presented a wealth of historical documents and verbal information during the research process. Thank you!

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