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On behalf of the citizens, business owners and elected officials of the City of East Moline, I would like to welcome you to our community. We in East Moline enjoy a great quality of life as a vital riverfront community.

The City of East Moline has many accomplishments its citizens are proud to claim. For instance, the City of East Moline is home of the Firecracker Run, an annual footrace with a wide range of participants. East Moline’s residents and businesses have routinely indicated that East Moline is the place where they want to be.

East Moline is represented by a City Council that prides itself on being innovative and progressive to ensure East Moline continues as a full service community. This strong community leadership has planned for the City’s future by incorporating lands along existing interstate corridors to ensure easy access and enhancing our growth potential. Our community has a long and rich history with an agricultural-manufacturing economic base. We are proud of our strong workforce.


Services in our community are provided by highly-skilled medical, technical and business related professionals. Our children enjoy recognized public and private schools, which are known for their scholastic and extracurricular activities. United Township High School and Black Hawk College campuses are important and busy educational centers known for their diverse student population. East Moline’s citizens enjoy a riverfront bike/walking path system connecting to parks and other Quad Cities’ paths.

Our community also enjoys MetroLink, the area metropolitan transportation system that links East Moline to other Quad Cities’ urban centers.

Citizens of East Moline are not content to maintain the status quo. We continuously set high standards and regularly achieve them. Economic Development is the theme of this Mayor, City Council and the community itself. Through public and private partnerships, we have many exciting development projects occurring in our City.


For example, East Moline became involved in the redevelopment efforts of the old north campus high school site. This site was converted into a state-of-the-art retirement village named Angelus At North Hill. The City of East Moline has a riverfront development known as “The Quarter.” This site is a planned mixed use development with a future sports facility, condominiums, nature interpretive center and bike path connections.

If you are considering the Quad Cities to locate or expand a business, buy or build a home – we hope you will consider East Moline. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our community and experience our hometown hospitality!

— Mayor Jose Moreno

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