City Welcome

The City of Evanston has a plethora of amenities that makes it the ‘perfect’ place to live and raise a family. Enjoyable activities are available extending before birth until well into the senior years.


The Evanston ‘world’ offers activities that fit with your lifestyle and that of other members of your family. You meet many new people and have the opportunity to extend your circle of friends and other areas of activity. In addition, as you have involved yourself in civic affairs, you have begun to realize that you are a part of the Evanston ‘voice’ that has always shaped the distinctive bearing of Evanston citizenry for which this community is noted.

The Evanston Public Library provides you with access to a bountiful genre of printed materials. Recreational opportunities are open to you and your family, religious services and related activities are enjoyed any day of the week, and educational opportunities for the entire family cover the city. You partake of all of these and many more.

Do take time to continue to enjoy all that Evanston has to offer. Add to that participation in civic affairs and seek membership on one of our many boards and commissions. All that you do and all of your volunteer services enhance the quality of your life and make all of us living in Evanston benefit from the talents you have.

Lorraine H. Morton

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