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Receiving its moniker from the Scottish words floss, meaning “dew on the flowers,” and moor, indicating “gently rolling countryside,” Flossmoor, Illinois, is a gem of a town in Chicago’s southern suburbs. This community is characterized by generations of families living within blocks of one another; highly learned, actively involved residents; award-winning educational institutions; and abounding recreational opportunities through well-maintained golf courses, open green spaces and acclaimed park district facilities and programs.

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Tree-lined streets are complemented by a variety of high-quality housing styles in Flossmoor’s charming neighborhoods. The valued community traditions established at the birth of Flossmoor remain honored to this day, which are evidenced through such features as the hanging flower baskets that color the downtown shopping district and the impeccable homes and carefully manicured lawns of Flossmoor’s residential neighborhoods.

Residents wholeheartedly refer to Flossmoor as “my hometown,” not as a melancholy reference to times gone by, but as an expression of friendship, warmth and pride. Flossmoor is truly an “American Hometown for Tomorrow’s World.”

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