Galesburg Location and Transportation

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Galesburg has ready access to many major markets, including Chicago (183 miles), St. Louis (187 miles), Des Moines (212 miles) and Indianapolis (254 miles).

In fact, 880,000 people live within a 50-minute drive of Galesburg, and 15 percent of the U.S. population resides within 300 miles. This makes the Galesburg region the largest market west of Chicago, ahead of both St. Louis and Kansas City.

Galesburg enjoys excellent passenger rail service, with two transcontinental Amtrak routes passing through the city. As a result, Galesburg has three trains a day to and from Chicago.

train station

For freight, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway runs main-line tracks through Galesburg and operates a significant intermodal facility as part of one of the nation’s largest classification yards.

Galesburg also maintains an excellent municipal airport, with hangers and lighted runways capable of landing commercial and private jet aircraft.

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