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Grundy County Welcomes You


Established in 1841, Grundy County is now home to just over 41,000 people and spans more than 420 square miles. Encompassing areas both rural and urban, Grundy County is a progressive region poised for residential and economic growth. Named “One of the Best Places to Live in Rural America 2006” by Progressive Farmer magazine, Grundy County is successfully melding its agricultural roots with urban sprawl. Hugging the shores of the Illinois River and the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal and home to state parks and nature preserves, we look to the future, while placing a high premium on preserving our history and natural resources. An excellent transportation network and close proximity to Interstate Highways 80 and 55 provide Grundy County residents and industries with easy access to state and national markets.

Morris (population 13,000) is the county seat whose vibrant downtown has been described as something you would see in a Rockwell painting. Grundy County has one of the most diverse shopping areas in the region. From small shops along “main street” where the owner waits on you personally to mega-stores or restaurants of every kind and everything in between—you will find it in the Grundy County area.


A dozen communities in Grundy County welcome visitors, each boasting its own unique blend of commercial, industrial, recreational, and residential development. From downtown streets lined with historic buildings and an affordable housing market, to generous opportunities for outdoor adventure and fully developed industrial parks, Grundy County supplies residents with an abundance of hometown amenities.

As evidenced by our growth, businesses and residents are now discovering what Grundy County has always known, it is a great place to live and do business. Thank you for your interest in our area, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Caroline Portlock
Executive Director
Grundy County Chamber

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