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Located just one hour south of Chicago and situated at the intersection of I-80 and I-55, Grundy County’s transportation amenities make it an ideal location for business and industry in the Midwest. With four out of the six class-I rail roads (CSX, UP, BNSF, Norfolk Southern) Grundy County can provide market access to any place in the country.

The interstate access allows good proximity to the “crossroads of the Midwest,” Interstate 55 and Interstate 80, which also allow direct access to the Chicagoland market. The Illinois River, extending from the northeastern section of Illinois, at the convergence of the Kankakee and Des Plaines Rivers, travels through southwest Illinois to the town of Alton, eventually draining into the Mississippi River. The 272.4-mile river flows through the county, providing year-round barge service with just one weeks travel to the Gulf via the Mississippi. Furthermore, Grundy County’s county seat, Morris, is home to the Morris Municipal Airport, currently undergoing an expansion phase that will extend the current runway of 4,000 feet to 5,000 feet by 2007. Grundy is also roughly within one hour of O’Hare and Midway airports.


“There is no real economic security, opportunity or quality of life for our residents if we do not place a high priority on economic development in Grundy County,” states Nancy Norton Ammer, CEO of the Grundy Economic Development Council. “Transportation is a vital component in our economic development efforts and Grundy County is lucky to have such assets like river, rail, and interstate access.” Grundy is also located just minutes from The Burlington Northern Santa Fe’s intermodal yard which over the last five years has made Chicago the third largest container port in the world behind Hong Kong and Singapore. Grundy also makes an ideal location for any distribution and logistics company wanting to service the Chicagoland and Midwest markets. Distribution facilities such as Kellogg, Costco, ALDI, Alberto Culver and Clorox operate large warehouse facilities ranging from 400,000 square feet to 1,000,000 square feet. Most recently, the global and national development firms like ProLogis and the OPUS North Corporation have built large industrial parks in Grundy County ranging from 100-400 acres in size, due to its unique location and transportion amenities.

“Assuring a healthy economy with jobs and a growing tax base, means keeping a strong and up-to-date transportation system,” says Ammer. “Brisbin Road, a transportation project Grundy County has been working on for the past several years, is a perfect example. The project will add a new interchange on I-80 between Morris and Minooka and will be the next economic engine for future industrial growth in Grundy County.”

With it’s combination of river, rail, and interstate access, Grundy County offers a unique transportation system that connects the region to the global economy and acts as the conduit for ensuring that consumer and business needs are met.

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