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In 2006, Harvard has celebrated its 150th year anniversary (Sesquicentennial). Most of the residents in the area would agree that the best thing about Harvard is its people. The people of Harvard pride themselves on their resourcefulness and their community spirit.

Harvard Sign

In an age of supposed self-interest, Harvard citizens care, and it is this concern that is the very fiber that knots the community together. Harvard was the first community in McHenry County to build a hospital, the first to construct a library building (Delos F. Diggins Library) for the public and the first bank (The Harvard State Bank), which will be celebrated it’s 140th anniversary this year of 2006, in McHenry County.

Harvard City Council has a City Administrator employed full time to care for the day-to-day operations as the office’s primary responsibility. It is the responsibility of the Administrator’s office to provides services including the budget, accounting, payroll, personnel and accounts payable.

Harvard’s City Administrator also serves as the primary point of communication with the City Council, established committees and the public. The City Administrator is in charge of executing policies set forth by the City Council, enforcing ordinances and resolutions, and otherwise manage all of the affairs for Harvard as directed by the Harvard City Council.

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