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Trantina Farm Grand

The Trantina Farm Grand Opening was dedicated in the fall of 2008 and, rescheduled for 2009, Homer Township and Homer Glen will host their First Annual Harvest Days September 12th and 13th in 2009. The event is a tribute to both Homer Glen and Homer Township’s agricultural heritage of rural uniqueness—a uniqueness best defined through the simplicity of the area’s past and a real recognition in sustaining its future.

Over 20 years ago, Homer Township approved a referendum so it could purchase open space for recreational use, environmental protection and educational awareness. Part of Homer Glen’s core values state that, “Safeguarding areas of significant natural value, promoting the re-establishment of native vegetation, protecting and managing water resources, and providing wildlife corridors are fundamental environmental protections.” While at the same time, “Understanding the agricultural roots and historical background of our geographic area will enrich the community and further clarify the need for preserving our rural atmosphere.”

The Trantina Farm, a 50-acre site, is located in Homer Township at 15800 West 151st Street. It is a model of commitment to protect natural resources and the first undertaking of the township’s Open Space Program. One of the farm’s features is the reconstructed, pre-civil war, 1850s Austin-Welter Barn. The barn offers a look at quality, hand-hewn timbers and artisanship of a bygone era. The original farm and out buildings are destined for later rehab work when a second phase of renovations are approved. With many pieces of antique equipment situated on the farm, it allows visitors to travel on a historically visual voyage of past mores and old-fashioned traditions.

The northern, approximately 30-acre portion of the farm, prides itself with a multitude of amenities, activity areas and sights including:

• a playground,
• picnic area and fire-pit,
• restrooms,
• a limestone trail,
• gardens and native prairie restoration,
• wildlife viewing and
• historical buildings.

Trantina Farm’s southern 20-acre site caters to the area’s domesticated friends. (see: HOMER TOWNSHIP’S TRANTINA DOG PARK.) There is ample parking and restroom facilities along with picnic areas and multiple benches to relax on. An open-air pavilion allows visitors to enjoy the the native grassland, wetland and tree restorations.

dog park

The Homer Township Trantina Dog Park opened in the summer of 2008. It is a major component of the 50-acre Trantina Farm and was developed as part of the township’s Open Space Program. "It is not only the first development in open space,” said Pam Meyers, Homer Township Trustee, “it is the first dog park in our community."

The dog park is located on two acres of the farm’s southern 20-acre parcel with two fenced and divided sections, one for smaller dogs the other for larger. It is a visually enjoyable treat for both humans and their ‘best friends.’ Meyers added that “the view from the trail offers wonderful vistas of the rolling terrain and wildlife.”

canine trails

The canine trails are surrounded by a mowed, looped walking/riding path, for leisurely walking strolls or horseback riding. It is a tranquil experience of nature’s finest attributes where all the trails share in a beautiful surrounding. Whether an equestrian at heart, an owner whose pet craves the open air (as most do) or someone who just wants to share in the peaceful surroudings, Trantina Farm and Dog Park is where you will find all these pleasures and probably much more.

Funding for the Trantina Farm Dog Park was possible, in part, through an Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Program Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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