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Village of Homewood

A thriving, prosperous business community is essential to every town. Homewood is very fortunate to have a strong retail and industrial business base. I attribute a large measure of the success of our business community to the strong support that residents and local government provide. Homewood residents shop at local businesses almost exclusively, and many of our residents are either owners or valued employees of these businesses.

Homewood government is committed to a business-friendly environment and offers several progressive incentive programs to help encourage the development and expansion of new and existing businesses.

The Village also hosts community events throughout the year to bolster foot traffic in its commercial districts, and contributes to marketing efforts by keeping Homewood visible throughout the region.

The net gain to Homewood is immeasurable: community pride in having quality stores and restaurants in town, local job opportunities and a strongly enhanced tax base.

I am very proud of the strong, supportive relationship between residents and our local retail businesses, restaurants and industrial base. Homewood is indeed a very special place.

Richard A. Hofeld

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