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Community Introduction

What began as a small agricultural and railroad community in 1853 is now a flourishing community that is continuously drawing in major companies and more and more residents.


Recognized as one of the fastest growing communities in Kankakee County, its excellent mix of economic powerhouses, array of residential options, unique shops and unmatched amenities have all aided in providing the high quality of life that defines Manteno.

The Village of Manteno has maintained its deep-rooted values while facing head-on new opportunities for growth and development. The local government and Manteno’s more than 8,000 residents, along with the Manteno Chamber of Commerce, work side-by-side in preserving the very principles that the community was founded upon.

J. Frank McDonald, operating as a one-man Chamber of Commerce in 1919, said it perfectly: “Manteno is rich to repletion in agricultural resources, invaluable industrial advantages and progressively peopled; this thriving town invitingly beckons to every form of investment.” These words were used to promote the town of Manteno and still serve as a testament of the village to this day.

Protecting the many values and principles of the past while addressing the current and future standards of the quickly growing community, Manteno, provides residential and business populations with a bright and promising future. Together, the residents, businesses and the Manteno Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome you to this thriving community!

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Dralle of Manteno
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