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St. Mary's Hospital

While Streator is fortunate to be served by a host of medical practices, including dentistry, chiropractic, physical therapy and optometry, St. Mary’s Hospital stands as the area’s leading healthcare resource. Established in 1887 by the Hospital Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, St. Mary’s has transformed into a modern 251-bed regional healthcare center serving an eight-county area in the Illinois Valley. Hailing as Streator’s largest employer, the hospital provides a full range of services and programs, ensuring Streator and its surrounding area have convenient access to high-quality medical attention. Everything from obstetrics, oncology, diagnostic imaging, home health and surgery to cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, pediatrics and 24-hour emergency care are discovered through St. Mary’s Hospital. In addition, the hospital provides a list of affordable community classes and events along with pertinent information on prevention and wellness.

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St. Mary's Hospital