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Aurora, Beecher and Braidwood

Along the banks of the quiet Fox River that gracefully meanders through north central Illinois, you will find Aurora — “the City of Lights” — a leader in commerce, education and entertainment.


It has long been hailed as a city of Illinois firsts: the first free school, the first YMCA building, and the community that witnessed the launching of the Republican Party. In addition, Aurora was the first city in the world to illuminate all of its streets with electric lights, giving birth to its current moniker, “The City of Lights.”

The charm of small-town America is alive and well in Beecher, offering delightful living in neighborhoods of older and newer homes and also in the rural atmosphere of farm properties. Beecher’s historic downtown has made the transition from retail center to business and professional center with dignity. A wealth of retail stores are now located along the Dixie Highway (Illinois Route 1). Here, too, are a growing number of light industrial firms.

Braidwood, founded in 1865, was named for one of its earliest coal miners, commemorating the town’s history as an important mining town. Braidwood achieved further fame as a stop along Route 66, and today remnants of the Mother Road’s heyday still dot the town, like the popular Polk-a-Dot Drive In. Now with a population of over 5,000, Braidwood offers comfortable living in a tight-knit community.

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