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Orland Park and Park Forest


The Village of Monee is poised for growth. Several new housing developments are changing the picture, without seeming to affect Monee itself.

Long-time residents of the quiet little village continue their family-centered way of life, happy to share their environment with newcomers. Utilizing an economic development grant from Will County, Monee has upgraded its infrastructure. Its small industrial park is expecting to expand and a 30-acre development has taken shape in its commercial sector.

Whether you’re seeking a place to reside, raise a family, or locate a business, Naperville embodies all the characteristics of an ideal community. Money magazine certainly agrees — Naperville was ranked among the top 10 Best Places to Live (in America) in 2006, the third time the city has received this distinction.


Naperville’s seamless blend of city amenities and small-town living creates an environment that is clearly different. Indeed, Naperville is a town that works on many levels.

The Village of New Lenox is predominantly comprised of single-family homes. The same holds true for the developed portions of New Lenox Township. The quality of life for these residents has improved by the addition of local merchants and services.

The growing number of industrial parks and commercial developments will also provide needed services and jobs closer to home. In addition, the number of neighborhood parks and bike trails are increasing to accommodate growth of the community.

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Orland Park continues its wave of growth, expansion and redevelopment, while maintaining its exciting progression from a historic rural community, to a small Chicago suburb, and ultimately to a dynamic corporate and commercial center. Its population is nearing the 60,000 mark.

The innovative architecture of the Village’s award-winning governmental complex, introduces you to a Village brimming with impressive regional shopping and new retail centers. The residential areas display elegant executive-style homes and the corporate office parks sparkle. Orland Park has won the unchallenged title of commercial center of the Chicago Southland suburban region. More than just a community, Orland Park has become a desirable lifestyle to be imitated by others as they grow.

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The Park Forest of today is different from what it was in the time of its founding, because the needs of today’s residents are different from the needs of the returning GIs of the late 1940s. Nonetheless, Park Forest remains true to its original dream: it is a community that strives to be as complete as possible in what it offers to its citizens.

The amenities enjoyed by Park Forest residents are unique when compared to those available to residents of towns of similar size, and include parks, a swimming complex, indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, a municipal golf course and much more.

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