graphicDear Friends,

The Clinton County Chamber of Commerce would very much like to have you consider living and working in our county. We offer our complete assistance, and will do everything in our power to prove that Frankfort/Clinton County is a very good place to call "home". Located in the heart of Indiana, the Frankfort area combines the best qualities of small-town living with suburban amenities and easy access to major metropolitan areas. It’s a healthy, thriving city with a bright future. The Frankfort area is recognized for its friendly atmosphere, low cost of living, and for its vigorous activity in business growth. Along with great job opportunities, Clinton County effectively balances quality school systems, low crime rate, numerous recreational areas, and public services unrivaled in a community this size.

graphicIn 1995 the Clinton County area was ranked number one in the nation in economic growth, according to Arizona State University’s Economic Outlook Center. Much of this growth can be attributed to Clinton County’s dedicated leaders. Because planning started more than 50 years ago, we have an industrial base superior to most U.S. communities of our size. The proof is in the number and type of industries operating in our industrial park. The park is home to the largest Frito-Lay plant; Sun Chemical, the world’s largest printer’s ink producer; Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a billion dollar multi-national grain processor; and a dozen other major industries. The growth in our commercial and retail districts correspond to the continuous expansion of our industrial base.

The Clinton County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer you the enclosed packet of information profiling the area and describing some of its unique attributes. We hope this information will help you make the decision to accept a job with one of our many progressive, people-oriented companies and/or to make your home in our midst. If you’re just passing through, we invite you to keep coming back. There will always be more to learn and more to enjoy in Clinton County, Indiana!


Joyce F. Elferdink
CEO/Econ. Dev. Director

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graphicDrawn to the combination of small-town caring and suburban conveniences, a growing population is choosing to call Clinton County home.

Comprised of Frankfort, the county seat, and five smaller towns - Colfax, Kirklin, Michigantown, Mulberry, and Rossville - Clinton County offers residents a comfortable living atmosphere away from the hectic pace of larger urban centers. Residents are rewarded with the best elements of small-town living, but enjoy suburban amenities and convenient access to major metropolitan areas.

Known for its friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community, Clinton County has become a favorite spot for new residents and businesses.



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graphicgraphicSettlers started arriving in the Clinton County area during the late 1820’s. Along with a large German immigrant population, settlers arrived from points across Europe. The flat landscape and rich soil attracted those who chose farming as their profession. Along with the agricultural enterprises were supporting businesses such as tanners, wagon makers, and general supplies merchants. Clinton County was formed in May of 1830.

This farming community flourished when a railroad was erected in the 1870s. Numerous train lines came in and out of the area, bringing prosperity and new residents to the county. Historically a small agricultural community, Clinton County experienced an industrial development boom beginning in the early 1900’s, when the Frankfort Industrial Association, the forerunner of the Clinton County Chamber, attracted several manufacturers to the area. These companies provided residents with hundreds of career opportunities, and brought recognition to Frankfort. Since this time, commercial and industrial development has continued steadily and the area continues to prosper. Today, along with its strong agricultural community, Clinton County is home to some of the world’s largest industries.

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graphicClinton County is comfortably situated along the Chicago/Indianapolis corridor, and conveniently located near many urban centers. Residents can drive to Indianapolis in well under an hour, and Kokomo and Lafayette can both be reached in less than 35 minutes. Because of this ideal location, nearly 40 trucking carriers haul freight in and out of Clinton County. Frankfort, located near the center of Clinton County, is close to several highway systems, including I-65, US 421, Indiana 28, 38, 39 and 75.

Railroads began crossing Clinton County in the 1870’s, and today Norfolk Southern, CSX, and Central Railroad of Indianapolis each provide rail service to and from Clinton County.

Residents have access to airports including the Frankfort Municipal Airport - opened in 1960 and governed by the Frankfort Airport Authority. This 230-acre facility can accommodate most corporate aircraft, with runways of 2,650 and 5,000 feet. There are two 12-unit hangars, one of which is enclosed, and plans for additional hangars are underway. The Indianapolis airport is less than an hour from Clinton County.










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