graphicgraphicHealth Care in Clinton County is comprehensive, affordable, and instantly accessible. A professional community of physicians, nurses, and dentists serves Clinton County Hospital, an 88-bed facility. Services offered at this facility include X-ray, critical care, obstetrics, physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, CT scan, and poison control. The newly remodeled obstetrics wing has received praise for its emphasis on providing an at-home experience for expectant mothers. Clinton County Emergency Medical Service maintains a paved, lighted helipad for Lifeline helicopter trips to trauma centers. After-hours primary care medical facilities are available to residents, including the Arnett Clinic and Frankfort Medical Care Center. In addition to Clinton County Hospital services, residents have access to walk-in clinics for convenient, non-emergency or after-hours medical treatment.

Clinton County’s elderly community has convenient, local access to specialized health care facilities and programs, and assisted living options. Many facilities offer medical care, physical fitness programs, and nutrition and wellness programs.

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graphicThree commissioners and seven county councilmen, all of whom are elected and serve for four years, govern Clinton County. Other elected officials include the County Clerk, Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, Surveyor, County Assessor, Center Township Assessor, Township Trustees, County Judge, and Coroner. The Clinton County Courthouse is the centerpiece of downtown Frankfort. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, this stately building features many architectural wonders, including a magnificent curving staircase. County offices are located in this building. Frankfort, the county seat, has a government consisting of a major and a seven person council. Residents are encouraged to become actively involved in local government, and communication with local officials is strongly encouraged.

Individual and commercial residents appreciate the low utility costs in Clinton County. Frankfort Power and Light Company’s electric rates are 12% below the Indiana average. Frankfort’s electrical, water, and sewage companies are municipally owned. In addition, many residents enjoy the cost savings and benefits of natural gas. The Frankfort Sewage Treatment Plant serves residents with a capacity to process 4.8 million gallons of sewage daily. Clinton County is serviced by Midwest Disposal, located near Frankfort on a 17-acre site. Other private collection options are available for commercial, industrial, and residential waste removal services.

County residents are served by 9-1-1 emergency telephone service. In March of 1974, Frankfort was one of the first cities in the nation to implement this emergency phone service. Clinton County Emergency Medical Service consists of 11 ambulances and approximately 130 medical technicians.

graphicFire protection in Clinton County is provided by eight departments, seven of which are run by community volunteers. The Frankfort Fire Department consists of 39 full-time firefighters who operate from one main station and two smaller stations in the city. Twenty-eight of these firefighters are trained as Emergency Medical Technicians. The Frankfort Fire Department owns four ambulances, three engines, two tankers (3000 and 2000 gallon capacities,) and one 65-foot aerial snorkel. Special units in the department include arson investigation and a dive team that performs water rescue and recovery. In addition, the department is home to a Hazardous Materials Response Team comprised of 13 Frankfort Fire Department members who have been specially trained in response procedures in the event of a hazardous materials crisis. The department performs fire safety inspections at area businesses and residences, and conducts fire prevention programs at schools throughout the county. Clinton County’s seven volunteer fire departments each offer a range of fire-fighting and emergency medical vehicles and equipment.

The Clinton County Emergency Planning Committee works with area manufactures and businesses who have to report concerning their responsibilities in conjunction with the Emergency Planning Commission Right-to-Know-Act of 1986. This committee works with area law enforcement agencies as part of its planning efforts.

The area’s low crime rate is another source of community pride. Residents of Clinton County are served by a variety of law enforcement agencies. Each town has a Marshal and the Sheriff’s department works with local communities. The Frankfort Police Department employs 31 sworn officers and 10 civilians. This department prides itself in its community-oriented policing, offering a level of professionalism and service that is typically found in large, urban centers. Specialized divisions include Foot, Bicycle, and Car Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Juvenile Investigations, Drug Enforcement, K-9 Search and Rescue, Crime Scene Investigations and Accident Investigations. The department serves the community’s school-aged children and their parents with Drug Recognition Experts, a cyber-safety education program, and a School Liaison Division. For more information on the Frankfort Police Department, visit their web site at

The National Guard Armory in Frankfort stands ready to safeguard the freedom of the people, and to help communities in times of emergency. The company consists of 7 officers and 127 enlisted members, 32 of who have prior active military service.

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graphicClinton County residents take pride in the size and strength of their faith community. Over 90 houses of worship represent many diverse faiths and welcome newcomers with open arms. Regular worship services are offered, and the spiritual community contributes a variety of outreach and social service programs designed to enhance Clinton County.





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