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Pike County Government


County officials are elected to four-year terms. Those include Clerk, Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, Sheriff, Surveyor, Coroner, Prosecuting Attorney, Assessor, three Commissioners and seven Council seats.

The City of Petersburg, also the county seat, elects a Mayor and five Council Members, all with four-year terms. A Clerk/Treasurer is also elected for a four-year term. The city’s police chief oversees the police department. Beautiful Hornady Park is under the administration of a park board.

city hall

A Clerk/Treasurer and three elected council members administrate local government for the communities of Winslow and Spurgeon. Spurgeon also has a four-member park board for Jordan Park. Each of these communities is served by a Town Marshall.

A county sheriff and his deputies meet the law enforcement needs of the county. An enhanced 911 system is available to residents. Emergency Ambulance Service, Emergency Management Office and an Emergency Preparedness Office also serve the county.

Fire protection is provided by the county’s volunteer department. State-of-the-art fire fighting equipment is housed in fire barns throughout the county to provide immediate coverage.

County Government:
Judge, Circuit Court 354-6026
Prosecuting Attorney 354-8761
Clerk, Pike Circuit Court 354-6025
Auditor 354-6451
Treasurer 354-6363
Recorder 354-6747
Assessor 354-6584
County Commissioner’s Office 354-8448

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