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Recreation is plentiful within Clay County and its surrounding areas, offering extensive parks, golf courses, birdwatching, hunting, recreational sites and the largest lake in the state, Milford Lake, ideal for fishing and boating. The Milford and Steve Lloyd Wetlands are the largest partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of a wetland restoration project in America. Check out the website at projects/milford/. Information on whitetail deer, turkey, game birds, waterfowl and other types of hunting can be found at Republican Valley Whitetails. Visit their website at

Several parks are located throughout the area, most notably Huntress Park and Dexter Park, offering a site for Frisbie Golf and playground equipment in Clay Center, and Berner Memorial Park in Clifton, equipped with a pool, picnic area, tennis courts, ball fields and a kiddie park. Clay Center also has a public golf course and the private, 9-hole course at the Clay Center Country Club.


Birdwatching is abundant in the North Central Kansas region, filled with a variety of bird species. The Kansas Birding Festival is held during the even numbered years in Wakefield. Check out the website at In addition, fishing and hunting are top sports in the area as well.

The city of Wakefield is home to the Kansas Landscape Arboretum, a wooded area spanning over 193 acres with more than 1,000 species of trees and plants. Three nature trails wind through the arboretum area, with the “long” trail stretching around one mile and the “short” trail reaching 1/4 of a mile.

The 163-mile Milford Lake stands as the largest artificial lake in Kansas. Encompassed by 21,000 acres of local habitat, the area is also the site of the Milford Nature Center and Fish Hatchery. Milford Lake offers an array of water sport opportunities, including sailing, water- skiing and canoeing, as well as sites for picnicking and camping, among much more outdoor recreation. Other lakes in the surrounding area include Lovewell Reservoir, Tuttle Creek Lake, Wilson Lake, Jewell County State Lake, Washington County State Lake, Ottawa County State Lake and Jamestown State Lake.

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