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Welcome from the Chamber President

David Wasinger

On behalf of the Town & Country/Frontenac Chamber of Commerce, we welcome you to our community.

The cities of Town & Country and Frontenac are suburbs in the Greater St. Louis Region. Originally, they were primarily made up of woodlands and farm lands, which slowly transformed into large-lot residential communities for those seeking a more rural lifestyle while maintaining a relatively convenient drive from the city.

More than 1,000 companies now call Town & Country and Frontenac home. The Town & Country/Frontenac Chamber of Commerce seeks to advance the civic interests of its businesses and residents. Chamber programs and services provide leadership opportunities, volunteer programs and business building initiatives. The board is dedicated to supporting a climate of growth, possibility and success in our communities.


Finally, the Chamber helps its members to become the community leaders of tomorrow. Participation in Chamber programs and services is the training ground for those who are dedicated to serving the community at-large.

We invite you to join us.

David Wasinger

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