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Founded in 1909, the city of Eunice began with the opening of a U.S. Post Office. The city’s name was chosen from a list prepared by the postmaster, John Carson. Interestingly enough, one of his daughters was named Eunice. The “84 Ranch,” a well-known ranch, was founded there in 1885. In 1910, the first schoolhouse was erected and paid for by the local homesteaders who settled here. Education was and still remains an important part of life in this community. Eunice has always been a place of community spirit. In the “old days,” the 84 Ranch Headquarters was the location for school picnics, and the Carson store was the center for musicals, community sings and all-night square dances. The discovery of oil and gas in 1929 provided the resources needed for the community. The city was incorporated in 1937.

Today, Eunice serves as a shortcut for travelers heading to the Carlsbad Caverns, Artesia, Roswell and the New Mexico mountain resort areas. Located on Highway 18, running north and south, and Highway 176, running east and west, Eunice is a city with a population of approximately 2,700. It is a close-knit, caring community that still upholds the spirit of its pioneering heritage. Visitors to Eunice will see this spirit reflected in the organizations and facilities available, including the Senior Citizens Center and its presidential award-winning public library.

The city’s growth has been along cultural, religious, and recreational lines, as well as its educational and industrial development. One outstanding accomplishment of the city is the Eunice Community Center, which provides modern facilities for civic affairs, club and society meetings, conferences and community functions.

Eunice has excellent public parks that provide havens of relaxation. Turner Park features a walking trail and playground with an adjacent swimming pool, baseball field and rodeo arena. The Eunice Golf Course is one of the nicest in the county, with fees affordable to everyone. Overlooking Eunice Lake is Stephen’s Park, which offers full RV hookups, a basketball court and walking areas.

The citizens of Eunice actively participate in various community organizations such as sororities, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Beautification Club and Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts of America. Visitors to Eunice are always impressed by the warm, friendly hospitality offered by its residents.

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