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New Mexico Tech


The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NM Tech) is a world-class science and engineering university located in Socorro. Thus, Socorro reaps the benefits of college-town life in a small-town setting!

People come to New Mexico Tech from around the world to study hydrology, astrophysics, petroleum, materials, chemical engineering, or many of the other subjects through the Ph.D. level. The mixture of faculty, research staffers, and nearly 2,000 students — both graduate and undergraduate — give the town a lively intellectual flavor.

Tech’s presence also gives you a chance to take classes, whether or not you are enrolled for a degree. In addition to courses you might conventionally expect, such as literature, history, business, and languages, you can find the esoteric at Tech, such as astrobiology or history of science.


Besides the actual university, Tech hosts a number of nationally and internationally known research, testing, and service divisions. Many of these work in technical areas such as astrophysics, geophysics, homeland security, computer and network security, and more. The Bureau of Geology, a division of Tech, is the state geological survey, providing mapping and geological hazards services across the state. The bureau is also home to an outstanding mineral museum, an outgrowth of Tech’s past as the state School of Mines. Etscorn Campus Observatory gives people the chance to enjoy the universe on Socorro’s clear, starry nights.

But there’s a fun side to Tech, in addition to all the science and technology. The university’s Community College ((575) 835-6581) offers a wide variety of courses to the public. Here’s just a sampling:

• Physical Recreation classes – dance, yoga, sports, martial arts, scuba, rock climbing
• Fine Arts classes – stained glass, jewelry making, photography, drawing, painting, pottery, concert band, chamber music chorus
• Languages and Leisure – Conversational Spanish, Japanese, wine tasting, cooking
• Business and other credit classes – computer programs for business, office procedures, fundamentals of purchasing


Use a community college course to learn golf or improve your golfing skills, so you can take advantage of Tech’s highly rated public golf course. Golf Digest magazine named it “one of the 10 best public courses in New Mexico, and one of America’s 500 best places you can play.” Thanks to Socorro’s mild and pleasant climate, the golf course is playable year round. Information on the golf course is available at (575) 835-5335.

The course hosts many tournaments throughout the year. For a break, enjoy a meal at the golf course’s M-Mountain Grill.

Macey Center is home to many arts events, including Tech’s Performing Arts Series. Macey is also a conference center, available to rent the next time you decide to hold a conference (or a wedding). Call Conference Services at (575) 835-5342.

To find out more about New Mexico Tech’s excellence as a college or to enroll contact the Admission Office at (575) 835-5424. Or visit their website at

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