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Cibolo Municipal Building

“City of Choice”

Cibolo, which is a Native American word for buffalo, was officially founded in 1965 as a city, with the first Cibolo Post Office opening in 1890 in response to the Rail Road Station in 1877. In the mid-1800s, Native American tribes roamed the fertile areas along the Cibolo Creek. The City of Cibolo offers a community rich in heritage and opportunity.

Development since 2005 has created a compound growth rate as much as 38 percent, making Cibolo one of the fastest-growing cities in the fastest growing state in the nation. Cibolo’s population was a mere 400 in 1970. Cibolo’s current population is 18,500, having grown from 3,035 people since the 2000 census. Cibolo’s planning horizon stretches from IH 35 to IH 10, and from the Cibolo Creek to the edges of Marion, encompassing as much as 39 square miles. Cibolo’s population includes diverse people with an average age of 35, a higher level of educational attainment and higher than average incomes found in neighboring communities.

Cibolo is a vibrant community located just minutes from the Randolph Air Force Base and is ideally suited with ready access to both IH 35 (the NAFTA Highway) and IH 10. Cibolo is less than 25 miles from downtown San Antonio and is a short commute to the San Antonio International Airport, the City of Austin and many other major employment and cultural centers of South Texas. Cibolo’s rapidly growing residential base will support many retail and service businesses. Cibolo also boasts two industrial parks, which offer opportunities for industrial prospects. Amenities within the Guadalupe Industrial Park include full water, wastewater, gas and electrical service, as well as rail access.


Cibolo’s population is complemented by a higher than average percentage of entrepreneurs, a growing service and commercial base. Significant development of commercial properties is in the planning stages. The Cibolo Multi Event Center, completed in 2009, hosts football, soccer and festival-style events. The 3,700-person seating capacity allows for spectators at most every level.

The city’s master plan focuses on a 1,000-acre new city center – a central point that partners the old city with the new. It will feature natural elements, culture, open space, civic and cultural centers, retail, businesses and corporate headquarters, single-family homes, public structures and plazas – all in a walkable location adjacent to rail. The Cibolo New Town Center features a 300-acre park that will connect several sections of the city to other parks, trails and cultural activities. With our athletic population, the center will welcome these outdoor enthusiasts to activities, hotels, outdoor auditoriums, a conference center, sports and local/regional events.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 826
200 South Main Street
Cibolo, Texas 78108
Phone: 210-658-9900
Fax: 210-658-1687

City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

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