Waxahachie Community Introduction

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Originally a community of cattle ranchers and farmers, Waxahachie has sustained a steady, vibrant growth in population from approximately 1,000 in 1880 to over 24,000 in 2003. It is a great place to raise and educate a family, work, play or worship.

Ornate Victorian style homes (beautifully landscaped and enriched with architectural heritage) in the city’s West End and Oldham Historic Districts have become major tourist attractions. The homes have earned Waxahachie the Gingerbread City moniker.

The citizens of Waxahachie are truly fortunate that local leaders throughout the city’s history have displayed the wisdom to foster the natural potential for growth and expansion while preserving the character, culture and history of the area. Efforts continue to move Waxahachie forward, attracting wonderful people like you to the city!

With the passing of time, Waxahachie has continued to make its distinctive mark on history, as well as building and maintaining its rich heritage and charm.

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